Dear valued Plumberoo customers,

Another Covid-19 message to read, but an important one...
Firstly, we are still running and have no intention of stopping! Whilst our staff are fit and healthy it’s all systems go, and we are here to help you. We would say it’s business as usual but in times like this how can it be! Please note the following changes:
- We know hygiene is paramount. Our staff have always been diligent with this, and are equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure their safety and yours. They have masks, gloves, antibacterial gel, wipes, disinfectant spray etc. Please don’t be alarmed if they turn up wearing a mask - that does not mean they have the virus it’s purely precautionary to protect your health and theirs. That said if they aren’t wearing one it’s probably because they deem it not necessary, and don’t want to waste supplies (which are understandably like gold dust at the moment!), but if you would like them to then please absolutely request it
- If you have Covid symptoms please  do let us know. It doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be politely informed that we cannot help you, and you are left with a flooded house etc. If we know then there may be ways we can help - isolating yourself/the area, speaking over phone/video rather than face to face, wearing protective gear etc. but we cannot risk our staffs safety, especially at such a crucial time
- Our payment policy is now payment on completion. This is to ensure our hard working staff are paid on time, and we are not left with high levels of debts. We are already owed substantial amounts from companies that realistically might not weather this so well, and will not be able to pay us. We have contingencies and will survive, but cannot allow cash flow to be put under further strain.
- If you have a job booked with us and are also lacking food supplies, or need assistance with something else please do let us know and we will try our best to help. We cannot promise this, we can’t control a national frenzy to buy toilet roll leaving shelves bare, but we might just be able to pick up a few essentials for someone who is vulnerable and needs a bit of help, or know someone which can
- Lastly, if you have any more suggestions of how we can change how we operate to help you then please let us know at